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SQL Injection and Web Shell Lab


Want to understand SQL injection and how it effects your applications? Ever wanted to know how attackers can gain access to your web server? This class will take you from injection to system access.
This class ran by 801 Labs will consist of multiple scenarios on injection techniques and show you how to implement web shells.

The main target technology of the class is the Linux Apache MySQL PHP Stack (LAMP).


This is intended for beginners and will start at a basic level and will not require previous knowledge of PHP code. A basic understand of SQL syntax is highly recommended. Please work on understanding the difference between SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE queries and how to connect to a MySQL instance from a Linux CLI.


A laptop capable of running a Virtual Machine (VM). The VM will be of an OVA format and the class will focus on using virtual box. A basic understanding of Linux command line and system management is required. Please bring your own laptop one will not be provided for you.

All funds raised from this event go to help run and manage the 801 Labs Hacker Space.

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